Commercial Remodeling Projects? Winkelman Building Co. LLC Can Help

Posted by Michael Schoenecker on Aug 1, 2017 2:24:56 PM

When they're viable, commercial remodeling projects have some great benefits. Typically, they require less time investment and can accommodate tighter deadlines than a new build. Remodeling can be less expensive than starting from scratch, and it can allow you to remain in your current location by using the space you already have more efficiently. Below, I've outlined a few of the commercial remodeling projects we've completed over the years. 

Commercial Remodeling Projects

Commercial Office Space Development and Remodels

Commercial office spaces are a common type of remodeling project for us. In the case of the Armed Forces Career Center in Waite Park, MN, we renovated a former video store. The final office space included four separate areas for four separate military branches: Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. 

St. Cloud SubaruWinkelman Building Co. LLC's own corporate offices are the result of a remodel. Originally a 3,500 square foot banking facility, our offices feature 7,500 square feet of offices, 720 square feet of skylights and a fully integrated solar energy system. 

From Toy Cars to Real Cars

After St. Cloud Subaru purchased what was previously Toy's R’ Us, Winkelman began working on renovating the 30,000 square foot building and the transformation is incredible.

The new St. Cloud Subaru dealership in St. Cloud, MN is the largest eco-friendly dealership in Minnesota. Their eco-friendly features include motion sensor parking lot lights, ENERGY STAR equipment, LED lighting and more. They also utilized programmable thermostats, fast-track garage doors, daylighting, low-flow water fixtures, construction waste recycling and on-going operational waste management.

Public and Private School Remodels

Commercial Remodeling Projects? Winkelman Building Corp. Can HelpWhen it's feasible, remodeling an existing structure is a great option for schools looking to meet the needs of changing populations. For instance, Bethel University in St. Paul worked with Winkelman Building Co. LLC to coordinate the development of an in-fill project to create a new space between existing buildings. The three-story, 23,160 square foot facility connects to three existing buildings. 

In the case of the Swanville K-12 School located in Swanville, MN, the project included a partial demolition of the existing building to allow for the addition of 25,000 square feet of new space. Plus, the entire 75,000 square foot school received a cosmetic upgrade including new utilities, re-roofing and the addition of a fire protection system. 

Church Remodels

By remodeling existing church structures, we've helped churches continue to serve and meet the needs of their communities and congregations. Rejoice Lutheran Church of Clearwater, MN had their sanctuary converted into a large fellowship hall, along with having a new, 8,800 square foot worship space constructed. This new space is outfitted with fire protection, a state-of-the-art audiovisual system and air conditioning. 


If you'd like to discuss your ideas for a remodel to your existing space, or if you'd like to uncover what is and isn't possible - the possibilities might surprise you - contact me for development assistance 

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