Facts about Geothermal Technology

Posted by Michael Schoenecker on Feb 9, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Geothermal technology uses natural energy produced from Earth’s heat. The resources needed for geothermal heat and technology can be made both naturally and efficiently, so it is both sustainable and clean. Geothermal energy can be made from a variety of sources including hot water, cold water, hot rock, shallow ground, deep ground, and in many different of temperatures.

Using geothermal technology can impact your construction project or building project in a number of ways. Lenders often loan you more money to build new buildings, and if you are a governmental entity, voters may pass a referendum for construction of a new building – but, they don’t give you extra money to operate the new building. Therefore, consideration of geothermal mechanical systems that can help you reduce the operating costs would be advisable.

Below is an infographic we created to highlight not only the benefits and uses of geothermal energy, but also where you can find it.



Winkelman Building Corporation has multiple experiences in incorporating green building techniques and geothermal technologies in a wide variety of projects in several industries. We also have LEED Accredited Professionals on our staff who are experts in sustainable building practices. To learn more about utilizing the benefits of geothermal technology into your next building project, schedule a project consultation.

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