Growing in Popularity: Green Building

Posted by Jay Vogel, LEED AP, CHC on Apr 17, 2017 8:29:00 AM

While the idea of "going green" has been around for many years, the concept has picked up momentum in recent years. In nearly every area of industry, you'll find opportunities for green initiatives. Why? Because there are real, tangible benefits associated with going green

What Does "Going Green" Mean in Construction? 

Generally, green building refers to construction projects where significant steps are taken to reduce the carbon footprint of the building, especially when using materials that minimize the Growing in Popularity: Green Buildingdepletion of natural resources. Attention is paid to the social, economic and environmental impact of the building's structure. Put simply, green building may include any building technique that does not damage the environment.

You'll typically see "green building" and "sustainable construction" used interchangeably to refer to opportunities to use resources in more efficient, environmentally friendly ways. 

Benefits of Green Building

Green buildings focus on reducing their impact on the environment - both during the construction process as well as during operation - to promote human health overall. Below, I'll provide insight into the economical, environmental and social benefits of green building. 


One of the biggest arguments against green building is cost-related. But when you take into consideration a building's cost over its lifetime, green building is oftentimes a less expensive option. Yes, green buildings save on operational and energy costs, but beyond that, they promote the health of occupants. If it's a commercial building, this can save money because healthier employees take fewer sick days and are more productive overall. If it's an apartment building, occupants are willing to pay higher rental costs in order to live there. 


Waste reduction, conservation of natural resources and improved air quality are all natural benefits of green construction. With the depletion of nonrenewable resources, green building initiatives allow us to consistently do more with less. 


Green building also brings social benefits. Occupants who live or work in a green building will experience improvements in other areas of their lives, creating a sort of ripple effect. Building and business owners can more easily prove their benefit to the surrounding community by reducing the strain their buildings place on the local infrastructure

In summary, a dedication to green building promotes sustainability by reducing waste and pollution, supporting efficient use of water and energy and protecting the health and well-being of occupants. 

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